From ancient times mankind has received great knowledge from the Divine. This knowledge has allowed us to tap into the source of all things and aided our walk on Earth. We at Keys of Paradise follow the old ways.  We believe in the knowledge of the ancients which has been time tested.


We offer products made according to the old ways for all spiritual communities: Mystical Oils, Incenses, Herbs, Ritual Equipment, Amulets, Seals & Talismans, Mojo Bags, Esoteric Curios, Wands, Ritual Clothing, Writing Supplies and Candles. We have many specialty items not available elsewhere and offer products which are very specific to individual spiritual seekers on their journey.


Keys of Paradise is also proud to announce that we've moved into store front location at 565 Kent St. Saint Paul. Near the University and Dale street light rail. If you are in the Twin Cities area, you are welcome to stop on in and see what we have to offer first hand.  We're normally here from 11 to 6 PM Tuesday through Friday and Saturdays from 10 to 4pm.


More information is coming soon regarding the classes and services we're offering now that we've relocated.


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